Vrana has received international recognition for his relief sculpture (intaglio) on the Professional Arts Center in Miami, Florida, perhaps the largest of its kind.  The non- repetitive design titled “The  Procession”, 6 stories high, flows over 200 panels 12’ x 12’, four exterior walls of concrete cast from hand tooled expendable plastic foam molds.  The concrete panels became the actual structural exterior walls closing in the building.

When faced with a major architectural commission to design and execute a relief on the exterior of a circular auditorium, he developed the post-hydro technique for sand casting concrete panels.  Working from his scale model of the 157 foot, two story high rotunda, he carved and cast the panels in sand and supervised their hanging at the Miami Beach Public Library.  This sculpture-in-the-round is titled “The Story Man”.
picture of library
Miami Beach Public Library, 1962?
Prof. Arts BldgProfessional Arts Center at University of Miami, 2006, completed 1972